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22 February
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Hola amigos!
What can I say about me in this short bio? Well, first of all, I'm a girl! Auburn hair, gray eyes...well you get the portrait. I'm currently studying at University of Montreal. I'm a cinema student! Meaning; cinema is my passion! From Hollywood box offices to underground movies, I adore it! You are warned, there's a lot of movies talking in my LJ. Also, I like talking often about what happens in my life. Most of the time it's not interesting but you can get a clear point of view of what it must be to be a girl living in Canada, in the 2000s.

I first discovered the magic of cinema when I was really young with my grandpa, who's also a big fan of cinema. Superman (1978)was the first movie I saw and it's still on my top list. My first cinema obsession ever was The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I'm still very attached to those movies. For me Peter Jackson is a god. I'm still following the career of the actors of those movies. But I also adore lots of actors, movies and directors; Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbeans, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Jim Jarmusch, Coppola, etc, etc (can't name them all). Also, I really adore tv shows such as Supernatural, Lost, Scrubs and Nip/Tuck. To conclude, this LJ would contains lots of things about cinema, tv shows, and everything that can be connected to that.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention my dream is to be a director one day. And...I like partying, I like having fun, I like everything that is simple, I like my friends and my family, I like inventing stories, I......like a lot of things. Je parle francais "and" hablo un pequeño conjunto poco español.

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